Denise Galford-Koeppel

Denise Galford-Koeppel

Denise Galford-Koeppel, MS, PMC, CEIS has been a champion for young children for over 25 years. Denise holds degrees from Wellesley College and Wheelock College and a Post Master’s Certificate in Early Education Research Policy and Practice from UMass Boston. A special educator, certified early intervention practitioner, coach, advocate, and parent of a child with mental health and learning challenges, Denise loves teaching children, parents, and educators through the approaches of the Hanen Program, the Pyramid Model, and Developmental Individual-Differences Relationship -Based Model. Denise will graduate May 2017 with a master’s in clinical mental health counseling.

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Doctors listening to child's heart

The US Medicaid program requires that all states must screen and treat Medicaid-eligible children for mental health issues. But that wasn’t always the case in Massachusetts.

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Children are mini social scientists. They look at the world around them and try to make sense of it.


But young children with special needs face extra challenges in interpreting this world. When they have trouble understanding what is real and what is pretend or imagined, their thoughts and concerns can be overwhelming.

Baby crying in shopping cart

A child was crying out in the back aisle. “She probably just wants a toy she can’t have!” said one woman at the register to another.

We have all witnessed a child crying in a public space. It is the dread of many to be “that parent” with the child who is loudly drawing attention from all those around.