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Unlocking Dyslexia: NPR’s 4-part podcast

NPR‘s 4-part podcast, “Unlocking Dyslexia” dives into the misconceptions and realities of what it is like to have dyslexia. Gabrielle Emanuel shares with listeners varying perspectives, experiences, and discoveries relating to this complex disorder. Have a listen to all 4 podcasts and learn something new about a disability that affects millions of people nationwide.

Millions Have Dyslexia, Few Understand it — It’s the most common learning disability, yet it’s still hard to answer the question: What is it? An NPR reporter who has dyslexia talks with other people — young and old — in search of answers.

Dyslexia: The Learning Disability That Must Not Be Named Many parents and teachers report that schools won’t use the word dyslexia. Why might this be? And what is the Department of Education doing about it?

Raising A Child With Dyslexia: 3 Things Parents Can Do — Dyslexia is a reading problem, but its influence can be felt far beyond the classroom. It often disrupts home life, making dinnertime and bedtime a struggle.

How Science Is Rewiring The Dyslexic Brain — Scientists are exploring how human brains learn to read — and discovering new ways that brains with dyslexia can learn to cope.

Here are a few sites that share more information about dyslexia:

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