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What is supported decision-making?

Supported decision-making is an alternative to guardianship. It allows a person with a disability to make their own decisions with support from a team of people they trust instead of having someone else make decisions for them.


How does it work?

Step 1: A person with a disability decides in what areas they can use help making decisions, such as education, employment, finances, healthcare, or relationships.

Step 2: They then pick a network or team of supporters they trust to help them make decisions.

Step 3: The team works together to help them make a decision. The supporters do not make the decision for the other person; rather, they respect whatever decision the person makes.

Step 4: The person with a disability and their supporters sign a Supported Decision-Making Agreement that includes the areas in which they need support, the expectations they have for their network of supporters, how they express or show what they like or dislike, and who they designate to help them make decisions.

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