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Handwritten Valentine's Day Card

To parents and caregivers, with love from Exceptional Lives

Valentine’s Day brings an entire month of love, appreciation, and warmth. It is a time when some celebrate, and others give a little extra care to those who matter most.

This Valentine’s Day, the Exceptional Lives team wants to thank you and express our admiration for all that you do for those in your life with disabilities. Here are a few ways you inspire us.


While there may be new challenges that you face each day, the love you pour into everything you do for your loved one with disabilities is unconditional. Each appointment, support group, and social event you attend is a marker of pure love. We want to recognize that your efforts do not go unnoticed.

In every parent and caregiver we meet, we always see and feel strength and selflessness. Even during the most difficult times, your unconditional love keeps you moving forward.


Whether we are speaking to five parents or 50, we always feel welcomed. It only takes a moment to notice that every member of the special needs community—parents, caregivers, and volunteers—support one another and welcome others with open arms. One of the key ways we see this empathy and compassion is through your stories. These stories thread everyone together. Especially as new parents enter the community after a diagnosis, other parents, caregivers, and therapists are there ready to be a guide, a teacher, and a friend.

You are an important part of this community, and we thank you for welcoming us with open arms.


Every experience with your loved one presents an opportunity to learn something new about them and yourself. There will be some things you have to learn on the fly. There will be other things you won’t learn until much later in life. Each experience gives you a rich understanding of love.

Take a moment to celebrate the beauty of learning and growing with one another and pat yourself on the back!

Love transforms and we thank you for giving us more reasons to do what we do. Thank you!

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