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Graphic of paula at a computer. Thought bubbles: Can we access more services? How can we get financial help? Should we be thinking about adulthood? What else am I missing? Computer screen: Your sear for 'autism' returned 94 million results

Meet Paula…

Paula has a 13-year-old son with special needs. Worrying about his future keeps her up at night. Information online is overwhelming, unreliable and generic. Expert help is too expensive.

Informational Graphic showing different guides: Create an IEP, Optimize Health Insurance, Apply for SSI and other disability benefits, Understand gaurdianship, and more...

Paula visits Exceptional Lives

When Paula visits the Exceptional Lives website, she finds free, easy-to-understand Guides. They’re designed for parents of children or adults with disabilities. Each Guide takes as few as 15 minutes to walk through!

Graphic of the free guide landing page: Welcome! we ask you questions and user your answers to to make a guide just for you, its that easy! Exceptional lives Guardianship guide2.0 will help you: Explore gaurdianship and its alternatives for your exceptional family member. Start!

Paula creates a personalized Guide

As Paula moves through a Guide, she answers simple questions. The software behind the Guides uses her answers to customize the information she sees.

Screenshot of internal guide page showing the user experiences and basic layout. There is internal navigation on the left and the main content contained in the center.

Paula takes action!

Each Guide provides clear next steps that Paula can take to achieve her and her son’s goals. She even gets a handy to-do checklist she can save and print! With the help of Exceptional Lives Guides, Paula knows how to access the services and supports her son needs to thrive.

Informational Graphic of two characters standing in front of a sign: Signed up for mass health, Ready for the IEP meeting, Got SSI from Social Security, Made a safety plan, Explored gaurdianship options.

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Exceptional Lives Guides are developed and reviewed with subject matter experts, based on the latest research and best practices. Here are some of our experts:

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