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August 3, 2022

My child is aging out of early intervention but still needs services. What’s next?

If your child is in Early Intervention, they will “age out” when they turn 3. Gwen Crawford Angelos, speech therapist, describes what’s next.


If your child is in Early Intervention, they will “age out” when they turn 3. In this short video, Gwen Crawford Angelos, M.Ed., S-LP speech therapist, describes what’s next.


My child is aging out of early intervention, but still needs services. What’s next?

Gwen Crawford Angelos, M.Ed., S-LP, Speech Therapist, Owner, Gwen Crawford Speech Therapy, LLP

Hello. My name is Gwen Crawford Angelos. I would like to thank Julie and the members of Exceptional Lives’ team for extending to me an invitation to participate in their online webinar series. This afternoon I’m going to answer a quick question. 

What happens when my child no longer qualifies for EarlyStep services but the need for services continues?

EarlySteps early intervention program is designed for infants and toddlers ranging in age from birth to three years. Two to four months before the third birthday, the local school system’s pupil appraisal is made aware that a child will be aging out, and are invited to participate in the transition of that child from early steps. The school system is responsible for their own assessment, and if it is determined that the child does qualify and needs further services, they will be provided by the school system. The day before the third birthday, early steps will stop services.

The day after the third birthday, the school system will commence services to the child.

So there’s a continual line of services and no lag. I hope that was helpful. 


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To hear more from Gwen Crawford Angelos on Early Steps and Early Intervention, check out her recent webinar.


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