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August 22, 2020

How can I help my child to not spend so much time on screens?

Marcela Mota Aversa is a Clinician & Early Education Mental Health Consultant at The Home For Little Wanderers and a Gallery Educator at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston. In this video clip she answers "how can we help our children to stay off screens even when we as adults are on our phones…


The last question. How do we encourage our kids to spend less time on their screens, even when adults in our house are on our screens for hours every day for our jobs?

Tricky question. Very tricky question. Every single person in the world, regardless of their age, need um, we need um, time off the screen, at least every 45 minutes. Every 45 minutes we we need time off the screen, and rub our eyes, and let our eyes adjust to a different distance that is not that distance from the screen. So I would say, I would sit with your child, and say this is the only way that I can do my work right now, and I’m taking uh, 45 minutes, every 45 minutes, I’m taking 10 to 15 minute break for my eyes. And um, and I will model that. I will keep to, I will stick to my plan. Another thing is that um, every person also needs designated hours without screen that can be family time. It could be maybe, if your job allows for it, maybe late brunch is screen-free hour, or dinner time is screen-free time. Um weekends, maybe we can say Saturday morning, for two, three hours, no screen. Nobody has access to screen, and just designate periods of screen free time. For everybody, not-not just for children, for the whole entire family. So, that’s what comes to my mind. Thank you


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