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July 13, 2021

One Quick Question: My child is turning 3 and is ready to transition out of Early Intervention… but no one is calling me back about school or services. What should I do?

Your child is turning 3 and is ready to make the transition from Early Intervention to pre-school or services, but no one is calling you back. Now what? In this 2-minute video, Joyce Ridgeway lays out what you can do next to advocate for your child.


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Hello everyone. This is Joyce Ridgeway again. Again, thanks to Julie and the entire Exceptional Lives team for inviting me. I’m here again with another question.

What happens if no one calls me back, and my child is getting closer to their third birthday?

If that happens, if your child is getting close to three years old, and you have not heard from anyone, at any of the school systems, then you’re going to call that school system that is in your district, and let them know that you have a special needs child. You have not heard anything from them concerning your child’s transition process. And you don’t want them to miss what is available to them in entering in that period.

If you have already been receiving Early Intervention[Early Steps] services, then you can contact your family support coordinator. And they can fill you in on the process, contact the school system on your behalf, and find out what the hold-up is. But, if you do that and you still don’t hear from them, I would recommend you to get on the phone to the school system yourself. Contact the child search coordinator in that school system, and let them know who you are, who your child is, what your expectations are.

I want my child to transition into the school system before they make three. They have special needs and I want them to receive the services that they are entitled to receive in a timely way.

You know? Timely is the key. Because if they’re not in before three, then they go into the end of the list and it takes a longer time to get them into the services. So, you want to make sure as their chief advocate, you’re always going to be their chief advocate. Throughout their entire life, you want to learn what you need to know and do what you need to do for your child. Don’t wait on anyone else. You get it done. Because you are their advocate. You know what to do. Get it done. I hope you’ve been helped today.


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