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September 21, 2020

My favorite thing about being Deaf, by Addie

For International Week of the Deaf 2022, Addie, age 11, tells us her favorite thing about being Deaf.


[An 11-year-old white girl sits on a tan couch with a blue pillow behind her. In the room behind here there is a white door and a yellow painting on the wall. She is wearing a dark-gray t-shirt with a dancing cat on it, a yellow necklace with red beads, and a thin black bracelet on her right wrist. She has straight blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail.]

Hi, my name is [spells] A-D-D-I-E [shows sign name handshape A on inside of arm]. I am eleven years old. 

What do I like about being Deaf? I can block out all the sounds, like screaming and other loud noises. 

And I like having a second language and yes, I can speak well. Bye! 

#IWDeaf #signlanguages #Deafawareness

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