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March 8, 2022

What to Look for in an ABA Provider

Need services for an autistic child? In this short video from Donyelle Clark-Kennedy, BCBA, learn how to select the right ABA provider.


Need services for an autistic child? In this short video from Donyelle Clark-Kennedy, BCBA, learn how to select the right ABA provider.


What to Look for in an ABA Provider

Donyelle Clark-Kennedy, BCBA,LBA CEO, Clinical Director, Rise Behavioral Services

[Donyelle] Hi everyone. My name is Donyelle Clark-Kennedy. I am a board certified behavior analyst, as well as the founder and clinical director, here at Rise Behavioral Services. Rise is an applied behavior analysis therapy center. We offer ABA therapy to children with autism, as well as school consultation and parent coaching. 

I’d like to begin by thanking Exceptional Lives for this opportunity to share with you all in today’s quick video, as well as in some upcoming webinars, about selecting the proper supports for your loved ones. So, today I will be discussing what to look for when selecting an ABA provider for your child. 

As the autism diagnosis becomes more common in children, the number of ABA providers or the demand for ABA providers is also increasing. So, I’d like to share three pointers about what to look for when selecting the best BCBA or the best ABA provider for you and your family. The first is individualization. You want to make sure that you work with an ABA provider that they develop your child’s treatment plan in a way that is customized specifically for your child. That would be based on the assessment, it would highlight your child’s abilities, as well as the need areas and those things that would need to be targeted in therapy. 

The second is data. As behavior analysts we rely on data to make programs, about treatment decisions and whether or not a program is successful. So, if a child is making progress or not making progress, we would need to rely on the data to make a decision in order to ensure the best learner outcomes. 

The final key point in the success of any ABA program is having an open line of communication. I believe that ABA therapy and any services should have a team approach. We are working together to accomplish a common goal. So, just having that line of communication with your child’s therapy team, ensures the overall success of the program. So, whether it’s email or via phone, you want to be able to always know what’s going on in therapy, but then also feel free to share what’s going on at home too, so that we can make sure that the skills are generalizing, which means that whatever we’re working on in therapy, you can work on the same things at home, just to ensure that your child has the best outcomes from their ABA experience. 

Thank you so much. And I hope this was helpful. 

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Thank you!

To hear more from Donyelle Clark-Kennedy on this topic, check out her recent webinar.


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