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What is SSI and is it for us?

SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. This is money from the federal government that is available for children and adults with disabilities with low income and few resources. You must apply and qualify to receive this money. We’ll include a brief overview of SSI here. 

Do I qualify for SSI?

To qualify for SSI, you must be disabled, blind, or age 65 or older.  You must also meet certain requirements for disability, income, and resources. For a child age 17 or younger, the SSI office will look at the disability of the child and the income and resources of the parent(s) to determine eligibility. For a family member age 18 or older, the SSI office will no longer look at the income or resources of the parent(s). Instead, they will focus on the income and resources that are in the family member’s own name.

How can SSI help me?

For those who qualify, SSI can be used to help pay for certain basic needs, like food, housing, and clothing. SSI can also allow your family member to get Medicaid right away, which will help pay for healthcare and medical bills.

How do I apply?

You should plan to apply at least one month before your family member’s 18th birthday.

There is a lot to know about SSI and we can help walk you through the process. Exceptional Lives has an entire guide dedicated to SSI, so check that out to learn more!
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