• Information from experts.
  • Put into plain language.
  • Focused on action steps.
  • Tailored to your family.
image of a computer screen showing an Exceptionallives guide

Each Guide gives parents of children with disabilities a step-by-step walkthrough of the topic, such as:

How to Create an Effective IEP

Get ready for your IEP meeting, take a look at the IEP form, and walk into your next IEP meeting feeling confident about getting your child the services they need to do their best in school.

How to Access Special Education

Before your child can get an IEP, find out if they qualify for special education services. We’ll tell you how to get an education evaluation – at school or independently – and why it’s important.

How to Apply for SSI

See if your child or adult family member qualifies for SSI. If so, we’ll show you how to start the application for SSI – and while you’re at it, for other benefits you may qualify for.

How to Optimize your Health Insurance

Make the most of your health insurance by seeing what your options are. There may be new healthcare services that your child can get based on their disability.

How to Navigate Guardianship

Prepare for your child’s 18th birthday and the ‘transfer of rights’ by planning ahead. Use this Guide to see all your guardianship options, download the forms you need, and know what questions to ask.

The Exceptional Lives team is available to answer any questions you may have along the way. Give us a call at 1-844-354-1212 or send us an email at info@exceptionallives.org.